Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Blog

So I decided since I have so much free time on my hands since I am stuck at home while Tim is at work, and I no homework or work for the next couple of works, that this is the perfect time to start blogging! During school I do not have a lot of extra time, and since school is in session for about 90% of the year for me (i'm in year-round school) this 7 week break is like a dream for me! I only have a week break during the fall semester, 2 and half week break between fall and winter semesters, 2 days off in winter semester, a week break between winter and spring semesters, 2 days off during spring semester. Then our 7 week break in the summer. So as you can see I really do have much time to relax, but hey I guess I better get used to. I have a feeling life is going to get more and more hectic.

Not much is going on here besides just relaxing and having fun (when Tim isn't working). We are leaving to go to Utah on Sunday which is our one year anniversary! Then we leave for PA on Tuesday! We are so so excited for this! We will be gone for 2 weeks! This means we'll have tons of time with family and friend! While we are back east we are also going to Washington D.C. for two nights to celebrate our belated anniversary. We went to D.C. for a day, almost two years ago right before we got engaged and had a blast so we decided to go back. :-)

Well that is what's going on as of now with our life! I'll be sure to post some pictures of our 7 week summer vacation from school!